Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vice President Scharman

1. Please describe a way you will apply a leadership concept you have learned about this year as you lead in your family.

One of the most important leadership concepts that I look forward to implementing in my family would be family council. Just like we have a weekly stewardship and area meetings, I think it will be important to have a meeting as a full family. This could either be done at the end of FHE on Monday nights, or during family dinner during a set day of the week. By doing this, we will be able to stay on the same page with one another and be more informed of one another's lives.

2. Vice President Scharman talked about the importance of developing structure in your home based on your individual time commitments. Describe how you believe structure and order in your family life can help you lead in your family. How can some form of structure and routine help you develop leaders in your family?

I am addicted to Google Calendar. I love that thing. In my current single life, I use it to schedule out my time and keep track of my day to day activities. In a very bare sense, it gives me an idea of how I spend my time each day. Further, I have several different color-coded categories on my calendar (tongue twister!) that give me a quick visual of each of my weeks.

In my future family I can continue this tradition to account for our days. Structure and routine in each of our weeks will help us have greater communication. As a family we can become better with time management. -People are defined in how they use their time.-

Having this structure and order will help me keep my family closer to the Savior. I can be sure that we have time set aside for Family Home Evening, our Sunday meetings and other church events as they occur during the week. I will also develop leaders that have balance between the world and their many activities and our family. By having structure and routine, my family will be anchored to that which is truly important- the Gospel of Jesus Christ.