Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cierra Brooke Nye's Leadership Development Plan

In my student leadership class this semester, we've been studying traits of extraordinary leaders and seeking to develop their skills and talents in our own life. For our final, we were asked to create a Leader Development plan. Over the course of the next semester, I will be working to implement characteristics to improve the manner in which I lead.

If you see ways in which I can improve and better serve others, please comment and let me know.

Extraordinary Leader Development Plan

My Strengths
(Which differentiating competencies do I demonstrate at or near the 90th percentile?)

Helping Other Succeed
Inspiring and Motivating Others to High Performance
Taking Initiative
Building Relationships

displaying high integrity and honesty
practicing self development
establishing stretch goals
taking initative
inspiring and motivating others to high performance
collaboration and teamwork

Potential Fatal Flaws
(Do I have a serious deficiency in any of the differentiating competencies?)

keeping a broad perspective
communicating powerfully and prolifically
drive for results

need to establish deadlines and goals- creating a plan
need to get outside comfort zone
need to balance enthusiasm with professionalism
helps with too many things

Passion and Organizational Needs (How will I make a unique and lasting contribution?)

I will make a unique and lasting contribution by focusing on the needs of others. By serving them, our organization will be able to meet its goals and execute events with accuracy. We’ll be reaching out to the students and be able to create a memorable BYU Experience.

Choosing One Competency (Which differentiating competency do I want to focus on?)

I want to focus on Helping Others Succeed. In human resources my duty is to help volunteers find opportunities to serve and help officers find those that will meet what their individual area needs.

Competency Companions
(Which competency companions make the most sense to work on? Why?)

As I develop this competency, it also makes sense to become more organized, improve my communication skills and to further my network. I can also delegate more effectively, be motivated by the success of others and practice self-development. As I increase these competency companions, I will be more able to meet my goal of helping others.

Ideas for Practice (on or off the job) (How will I practice the new skills in order to improve?)

WHO will support me? Kelin, Christy, other EDs, my PDs
WHO will hold me accountable? My PDs and Kelin
WHO will I practice on? My PDs, incoming and existing volunteers
WHEN will I start? As soon as possible- next Monday or over break further organization skills
WHEN will I check progress? Every 2 weeks
HOW will I know I’ve improved? When communication works and we cease to hit walls
HOW will I stick with the plan? By having it posted where I can see it and reference it frequently

Business Impact (How will I know I’ve made progress? How will I measure my success?)

I will know that I’ve made progress when volunteers are able to find opportunities to serve. The office will be flowing: a volunteer will come in, they’ll be matched with an opportunity to serve, we’ll hear how things are going and be able to account for them.