Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Leading Change

1. Considering your role as a leader, please describe who you view as your “customers” and how you practice the idea of meeting the needs of those customers.

Because I assist BYUSA with its public relations, I see myself relating to a lot of different customers. I get to interact with the love, hate, and swing students on campus through organization outreach and the BYUSA blog. Through Service Squad I have the opportunity to interact with general BYUSA newcomers. With my relations with the Daily Universe I need to act in a very professional role to assist those writing our campus newspaper with the most factual and accurate information at my disposal.

To meet all of my "customers" needs, I strive to know them and what their needs actually include. My program directors need direction from me on the mission, vision, and BYUSA processes. The Daily Universe needs to know what is going on; I need to communicate with our beat writer in order to have announcements and coverage. New volunteers need a great experience through a structured and organized activity that allows them to feel the spirit of this association.

2. Please describe a time when you have been involved in a significant change. Identify what those who were leading the organization did to help make the change successful or unsuccessful.

I'm currently in the midst of a significant change. I've been evaluating myself and I didn't like the pathway I was on. Through a lot of prayer, fasting, scripture study, journaling, and continual goal setting, I'm re-honing myself to be the person worthy of my patriarcal blessing.

To make this change successful, I'm changing my routine. I am more careful where I give my word and make commitments. I am working at placing feasible deadlines for myself, and then giving myself a moment to celebrate when I achieve them. Probably the most important thing, I am taking time for me.

3. Describe why you believe that Networking with others, is a vital part of leading change.

Networking with others is a vital part of leading change because it gives you the foreknowledge of what needs to change. Through a network, you can ask others in a professional atmosphere about perceived weaknesses and strengths. It is through your network that you'll get the right people on the bus (Good to Great). Networking with others also offers greater resources to you as you lead change.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Overview of Leadership Model

I definitely have weaknesses; however, in the Zenger-Folkman Leadership model, you are asked to build upon strengths. One strength that I have developed that sets me apart from others is that I am very outgoing. Not too many things scare me. I also welcome large challenges and responsibilities (sometimes I seek after them).

General Norman Schwarzkopf felt that character would be more important than strategy because character is the ultimate motive. Character influences strategy and the way you carry out the task.

In BYUSA, I am working to be the "hedgehog" with our public relations. I'm still learning about PR processes, but I have vested interest in both PR and BYUSA. By learning more about PR I help BYUSA; by praciticing PR in BYUSA, I'm able to experiment with and solidify my skills.

Welcome back Christy! I've missed you and am very excited to get to WORK!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Divine Centered Leadership

I volunteer with BYUSA because I believe in the vision and mission. I am motivated by my love for my fellow students and by my belief that together, as students, we can create a "Zion community."

Theodore Roosevelt gives credit in life to those who are “In the Arena.” To me, being in the arena means being the one that is making the effort to be involved. I plan to be in the arena this year by giving my best during my service within BYUSA. I serve with BYUSA because I see the good that it does for the students at BYU. In my life, I know that I will remain in the arena by staying involved in my community in my church service, in my towns, and in my home.

Divine-centered leaders need to know each heart. I know that I've really appreciated the time that leaders have taken to know me. I'm very grateful to Lauren Lytle and Chad Johnson; when I began my experience at BYUSA they were the ones that welcomed me and wanted to be a real friend.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

If you'd like to hear about me...

I'll be talking about myself at my new blog cierrabrooke.blogspot.com

Love to see you over there!