Monday, October 12, 2009

Goals & Gifts

M. Russell Ballard said, “What are your goals for the next few years? Will you pay the price for excellence? I would hope that every one of us is wise enough to realize that we can be excellent, that we can reach the top, that we can be the very best if we are willing to pay the price. We must be willing to establish in our minds this fact: In order to be great in whatever we attempt to do in life, we have to decide in advance that it is all worth it. Have you set your priorities? Are they solidly and clearly defined in your minds? Were they clear when you got up this morning, and will they be clear tomorrow morning and each morning?” “Is It Worth It?,” New Era, Jun 1984, 38

If you were having a conversation with him, how would you respond to his questions? Write as if you are writing to him.

Dear Elder Ballard,

I'm still figuring out what I'd like to do with my future. I have general goals- graduate from BYU, marriage, family, and continue to serve others. I'm working to create specific goals for myself. I've actually been trying to for awhile- since the beginning of the new school semester. I don't like to make goals at New Years like everyone else in the world. It's too cliché for me. New Years goals, at least for me, set themselves up for failure.

This last Saturday, I had the opportunity to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Sitting inside, I was able to reflect on myself. I had a notebook with me and just started writing.

All of the goals I was recording had to do with others. I love people. I want to be able to have the skills to touch others in their times of need. Everyone has a bad day and by being available to serve and love them, I can become more like those who are examples to me.

I gave a talk a few Sundays back about love. Love is, or at least I'm striving to make it, the core of all my actions. Love is why I serve. Love is why I'm friends with other people. Love is why I wake up each morning.

My priorities would then be others. I am willing to sacrifice to help myself reach this goal.

Cierra Brooke Nye

Look over the Defining Behaviors for “Focus on Results” on pages 60, 74 and 82. Which 2-3 behaviors are you particularly good at? Can you give examples? How have these behaviors enhanced your leadership style?

I'm very willing to volunteer for a difficult task or assignment that requires you to stretch my current capability. One example of this would have been when I accepted Kelin's invitation to me to serve as the event lead over Involv-a-palooza. I'm great at being open and having the time to take on these responsibilities, however, I lacked skill and training to carry it out fully and in a timely and accurate manner. IVP really stressed me out at times. But, by being willing and open to take on this responsibility, I was able to learn skills to help me if I were to do events in the future. I learned planning techniques and saw immense amounts of teamwork during crunch-time.

I'm very willing to work longer hours to meet a commitment. I'm often in the office before 3 and don't mind staying past 5 if I have a task that I'm still working on. I'll also stay longer if another person in the office has an issue they need to talk out.

I strive hard to practice what I preach and to expect at least as much of yourself as you do of others. This applies especially to my life and living the Honor Code. As stated in a previous post, everyone is watching me simply by the nature of who I am and what I associate myself with. There are certain expectations surrounding me, yet more than the expectations and opinions of others, I strive to keep the Honor Code as a personal choice.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Personal Capability

Our group focused on "Takes Initiative."

One way Human Resources takes initiative is by delegating ownership and allowing the individual to create and lead the programs. Especially because HR is such a new area to BYUSA, we're not just trying to get through the year, we are setting a high standard for our future successors.

One example of somebody in our area that takes initiative would be Charlie Lambert. Elise asked him to make a volunteer plan for every event in the month of October to which Charlie replied, "Oh, I've already done it."
Elise's jaw dropped to the ground.
"ELISE!" Kelin exclaimed. "We need to get you to the hospital asap!"
He threw the Jeep keys to Cici. "Kelin, I've never driven stick before!"
"Cici, I trust you. Believe in yourself as Hiro the Horse of integrity always has."
***fade in cowboy music*****
"Gee willickers," Elise let out.
"Jimmney cricket!" Kelin proclaimed with authority.
"And amen." added Cici.
Each nodded in agreement as they galloped off into the H'Rizon.

Inside of BYUSA, the Human Resources (H'Roffice) area has experienced many successes as it has grown. By taking initiative, the volunteer plans have been more organized and students have felt a greater sense of belonging in consequence of having a knowledge of their responsibilities. Zionize. Jointify.