Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pygmalion Effect

Describe a time in your life when you felt the power of the Pygmalion Effect.
In kindergarten, I really struggled with reading. This was quite troubling to me especially because the ESL students in my class were achieving benchmarks much higher than mine. In first grade I had an excellent teacher, Ms. Downey. This fine woman expected a lot of me including 15 minutes of reading each night. As she expected more of me, I was able to achieve more and I soon I began to rise within the reading groups. When I entered 2nd grade we had a reading test. At its conclusion my teacher asked our class if we'd like to know who the best reader in our class was. Of course we all chimed in wishing to know who this student was. I was elated to learn that this student was me. Directly because of Mrs. Downey and her added time and attention, I found that I was able to achieve things that I could never thought were possible.
Looking back, the skill of reading has carried me through advanced classes and into my current college career.

Identify a strength you see in three other people.
Lauren Lytle is excellent at recognizing others and giving them the recognition that we each seek.
Elise May is incredible at loving others for exactly who they are.
Jessica Hart is great at listening to people and remembering what is going on in their lives.
Each of these women does know that these are their unique strengths and that is why they strive to interact with others on a daily basis and build up personal value in others.
To help these girls better visualize their strengths, I can verbally praise them and identify these skills they possess.

Mark Twain once observed, "Thousands of geniuses live and die without being discovered, either by themselves or by others." What did he mean by this observation?
In this observation, Mark Twain asserted that we need to be the ones to notice the greatness in ourselves. We each need to develop our talents and then share them. It's so important. We need to lift up others wherever possible.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Reflection 1

What was your motive for serving in BYUSA?
Originally, I came to BYUSA with the full intent of running for president. I didn't fully understand the organization; I just wanted the position and the power that came with it. Now after approximately a year of service with these wonderful people I've gained a greater understanding of all the work that goes into helping the student body. BYUSA and service with the group is not a cush-cush thing as I had originally perceived it.

My motives have changed. Drawing from my patriarchal blessing I've gained a greater understanding on why I am to be here. Service is and will continue to be a very important part of my life.

How will you apply the Divine-centered leadership principles in your home, community, and future career?
In my home I will strive to create a more loving environment. It is very important that when we have roommate council meetings and decide to enact new standards (ie making sure we're really doing our dishes) that I live up to what I committed to. I will need to be sure that I'm seeing others through the eyes of Christ.