Friday, October 31, 2008

field trip

Gah! I was doing better at remembering to write these earlier. I guess that's just what happens as I get busier and busier. During class last time, we relocated to the JFSB gallery of the history behind Joseph Smith, BYU and institute/seminary. I'd have to say my favorite part of the exhibit was the art. What can I say? I'm a nerd like that. There was an oculus in the ceiling, the stunning spiral staircase that incorporates so many different mediums, and the simple paintings and pictures that hang on the walls. There was a bit of underlying symbolism with the light, vines and Shepard- each was to remind you of Christ.

I wandered the area with Katie and Gracie, but really didn't take in much of the actual displays. It's one place on campus that I want to be able to fully enjoy on my own time. I'll return... with camera in hand.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

the "snow day"

We did not have a Univ 101 class last week, so I don't really have much to say about it. I still have to annotate the papers about it tonight.

One major improvement in my life that I could credit to this class is time management. More and more I'm seeing the importance of this and am working on creating a set schedule for myself. Also, last night I spent about two hours going through a large stack of papers I had accumulated since the beginning of the year and actually determined what was necessary.

So, off to more work. Sorry this blog really has nothing to say. Hopefully I can work on my quilt this weekend and finish fixing my computer.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Jolysa was truly inspired last class period as she spoke on positive mental tapes. We were to grade our Humanities class the following hour and a lot of students were apprehensive over what would happen. Jolysa was able to calm the fears of many and led an incredible discussion how we are loved by our Heavenly Father and how we have the ability within ourselves to improve our grades and learning styles.

In Art History last year, we spoke of a similar idea that was experienced in the Renaissance. The people armed themselves with a Positive Mental Attitude. Their PMA allowed them to create many of the advancements in the art world.

By arming ourselves with confidence, we are able to accomplish incredible things.

Monday, October 13, 2008

political ads- wrought with rhetorical tools

I nearly forgot this blog assignment with all the hubbub of homecoming activities, cleaning prep, a packed Sunday and FHE. There's so much to juggle now!

Upon figuring out the correct website address, I decided to check out the '92 election year. I was two so I figure I could learn a bit from the past. Those attempting to become president included Democrat Clinton, Republican Bush and the Independent Perot. I hadn't even been aware an independent had had that great of an impact on the election at that point in my youth so I decided to check him out. (

The very first clip in his row seemed promising; after all, with a light blue thumbnail displaying words over a young girl's face seemed to just scream that it had some sort of rhetorical tool within it.

Perot was a business man before he decided to throw his hat into the ring. He backed himself with his billions and paid for his political ads out of pocket. He speaks directly to the American parents and pleads with them on the state of the economy. He makes the statement that by 2000, as a country we'll have developed an $8 trillion deficit- just a couple years off. He totally manipulates his audience with pathos. The sounds of children on a playground can be heard. Light motivational chords swell. The ever changing background of forlorn innocent kids. Gah! All these below the belt punches! Then pair that with a bit of ethos- the announcer guy voice that would never lead us astray. Loaded words such as unlimited opportunity, children and the American Dream.

While Perot did not win the Presidency, his ads were very effective. He won twenty percent of the public vote, something that had never been done, nor since. People really listened to him and the cause that he stood for. To quote his ending, "The candidate is Ross Perot. The issue is our children. The choice is yours."

Monday, October 6, 2008

meeting with an advisor

Just a bit of an update, I have been in to speak with a counselor about my major and how the education I gain today will effect my life into the eternities. I still am feeling very confident about seeking after a degree in English. The question just remains as to what, if any thing I will minor (double major?) in. The kind man armed me with sheets listing major requirements and instructed me to begin taking the required classes next semester. Wow. Just jumping right in then.

A goal I am now setting on my own that that one has been accomplished is to schedule my time a lot better. I need to sit down with my planner and really figure everything out. And set goals for myself. So, this is me informing you so that you may now check up on me. Thank you so much for all your loving guidance Jolysa :)

Gen Con: An Examination of Rhetoric

For this week, I'd like you to analyze a general conference talk. (If you morally object to this, pick one from a previous conference). Look for rhetorical tools, and what effect they are designed to have on the audience. Good Luck.

It seems that with every passing year, I grow more and more excited for General Conference. As the full text for this October session will not be released until Thursday for me to reexamine it, I selected Elder Bednar's talk "And Nothing Shall Offend Them" from the October 2006 Conference.

Elder Bednar comes into this particular conference as a newly called apostle. Though generally unfamiliar to his audience at this time, his talk is wrought with ethos as he is in a position of much responsibility and wisdom.

His talk is one that has stuck with me to this day; it really was a revolutionary thought process he was setting down. You control your own emotions. You decide how you will react to what others say to you. All of this was very logical, and consequently employed logos.

As with any well crafted talk, a stories were included, linking Elder Bednar with his audience through pathos.

To go further, stylistic tools including parallelism, repetition and call to action were utilized. Elder Bednar really made himself stand out in this session and taught the Saints something that really needed to be taken to heart.

Friday, October 3, 2008

online myMAP

Alright,so this last week we received a wonderful email informing us to take an online quiz through FA to better assess this incoming class, its needs, and our personal goals. The test really was like any other personality analyzer I'd gone through in the past; usually there's at least one a year through some sort of program. So, take the test and thought that'd just be it- JK! So then there's all this pondering about the questions they'd ask. Do I really have good study skills? Am I sleeping enough?

A few days later I found an email in my inbox- the results were in! Click the link and it takes me to a page on the BYU website that has all sorts of cool information. It showed my ranking on the assessment in comparison to the others that took it and had lots of background information that gave more background to the questions they asked. And the graphics were user friendly! If they had done the application process with something as simple and straight forward as that, I would have had a lot less stress.

This weekend is General Conference and it's pretty much like another holiday down here. Kids are plotting how to get home, get tickets and how/where to watch. Personally, my Mom and sister are coming down Friday, a friend is taking me to the morning session Saturday, and then I have a birthday party Saturday afternoon. I may be coming home Saturday night (with all my laundry done at home for free) and then just chill, study, and watch gen con down here at home.

A lot of the questions on the test were about homesickness. I think I'll be homesick when I go up this weekend. This is home. This is where I live. I love my family, I've just gained another one down here. If you're one of the one's dealing with thoughts of home, meet new people and make friends like crazy. You feel cool when you can say hi to everyone you meet, and it really puts you into the community down here.

I have another goal I'm working on- every one's names in the ward learned by the end of the month. Once I have the ward menu, I'm studying up!