Monday, July 27, 2009

Leader of Leaders

Evaluate your own natural leadership style and identify ways you can make it more flexible.
I really need to work on delegation. I've always been wary of group projects and releasing the work to others. In the past people have failed me and that led me to have a complex that only I could do things, that others were beyond trust. I need to remain organized and be sure when I say I'll get something done I write down the task. Once it is remembered it needs to be completed in a timely manner.

Consider the people you influence in your 360ยบ of leader
ship. Are there ways you can help empower them more?
DELEGATE... ask questions of those around me and help when I need it. I can really improve about asking for help.

Think about the way Heavenly Father works with you…Does He ALWAYS direct you with what to do? When does He leave the decision to you?
Heavenly Father trusts my decisions although he is there for me in all my trying and difficult times. I need to keep him as my center and strive to live my life that way.

Honor Code

Why is it so important that you as student officers exemplify commitment to the standards of the Honor Code?
It is vitally important that as a student officer I exemplify my commitment to the standards of the Honor Code because EVERYONE is watching. People know what I am associated with and what I do directly reflects on the organization. I want to be one that contributes to a positive attitude and picture of BYUSA.

What are three resources available to you if you ever have a question about the Honor Code?
If I have a question with the Honor Code there is always the website (, the actual Honor Code office on the 4th floor of the WSC, and then my mini "Honor To-go" in my wallet.

How can your understanding of the gospel principles, that the standards of the Honor Code are based upon, help you follow and encourage others to follow the Honor Code?
My understanding of gospel principals aids me as I live the Honor Code. As I live gospel principals, many parts of the Honor Code are automatically covered (not murdering, WOW, etc.). Modesty is another principal the church asks us to live and that falls under the Honor Code as well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


What was your experience like when you first got involved with BYUSA? If you would have preferred it to be different, how can you help new volunteers have the difference you wish you had?
I don't really even remember where I first heard about BYUSA. I was attempting to figure out the BYU website and sorta just found it. I remember reading Adam and the rest of the presidency's bios and just thinking they had to be the coolest people ever... and that I wanted to be a part of what they were doing.
Coming to BYU and participating in NSO I was able to listen to Adam's advice (go to devotionals). I was star struck. When Brooke and Adam were handing out pins at the BBQ I just about died. My Y Group thought I was this crazy obsessed girl.
I kept seeing Adam around campus and saying hi. After awhile of this, I set up an appointment to come into the office and meet Adam personally and see where I could help. The night before the meeting there was a knock on my door and a group of students, including Chad Johnson, informed us that they were Service Squad, a part of BYUSA and were here to take out our trash. Funny I had all this exposure at once.
Talking to Adam the next day I learned a lot. At the conclusion of our meeting he asked me to work on Elections. I felt pretty cool being a freshman reporting directly to the President.

Working on elections was hard. Though I had weekly meetings with Adam (and soon Mike Squires) I didn't feel as though I had direction or training. I loved being in the office but was not connected to any other individuals in the organization. I did my work in Leadership Ed (what used to be half of comms with no light above our head) and really just felt lonely. It wasn't until Garrett, Chad, Lauren and Nat invited me over into Comms to do my work that I really felt like I had friends and was fitting in.
I knew that good things were happening in the office and was in there every day from 3-5, just like an ED. I never recieved a nametag, never had an offical tour... but all in all, I so grateful I made it here.

Now I'm helping out in Human Resources and am specifically the Executive Director over Volunteer Outreach and Placement. With Elise, Kelin and the rest of our forming team, our entire purpose is to make sure the volunteers are being taking into the organization through the correct means. We want everyone to have a standard office tour and be directly placed the first time that they come into the office. I love what I do.

How can you better help your volunteers feel a sense of belonging from their service?
I can make sure my volunteers feel a sense of belonging from their service through a variety of means. The volunteer uniform will unite them in their cause- they'll easily be able to recognize the others that are serving alongside them. The Huddle is a group meeting that is to occur at the beginning and end of each event to deliver the volunteer plan and break down of the event. The Event Lead should be the one to conduct the huddle. Knowing their names...

How will you personally recognize the volunteers you work with?
I will personally recognize my volunteers through verbal praise, random treats all with an attitude of genuine sincerity.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


What is a leadership characteristic of the Savior you really admire, and how would you like to implement this characteristic into your own leadership role?
The Savior always had time to listen. A big complaint in our generation is that they are being "judged." This word is usually associated with a poor connotation, however, judgment is something that needs to always occurring in our lives. Our judgment guides our decisions. The Savor loved all those he encountered with a pure heart. I would really like to develop that skill by getting to know others on a personal level.

Which one of the aspects of the Divine-Centered Leadership model touched you the most, why?
Knowing each heart really touched me. The Savior really does know each of us as an individual; he really really gets me for who I am on the inside.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The culture of BYUSA

What changes do you think you can make in your life NOW and for the rest of the year (and forever) to be more in line with BYUSA culture of professionalism and protocol?
Align myself to be a Divine Centered Leader. Really Christ is the greatest example that we have to look to. The Honor Code is a great daily reminder of dress and grooming standards as well as personal conduct.

How will the culture of professionalism here at BYU and within BYUSA impact your future as you "go forth to serve"?
The professionalism I'm being taught will be a skill that I am able to take with me into every field. By learning these traits early they become habit and aid me as I seek to serve others.

How does professionalism and protocol help you develop as a divine centered leader?
Professionalism and protocol help me to become a DCL through a variety of means. With them, I am better able to keep myself in check and avoid unnecessary disagreements.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Give 'em the pickle

Name three ways you are going to give your service providers a pickle.
- thank you cards
-converse with them as a friend with true interest in their doings
-ideally- homebaked cookies

Put yourself in the service providers shoes, what do you think you would expect from a BYU student?
I would expect the students I meet with to respect my time. They are to arrive to meetings early, know all the facts and background to the event. Manners are a must, a cordial attitude. Honor Code appropriate.

How will you maintain a good relationship with Support Staff and The Design Team?
I will maintain a good relationship with Support Staff and the Design Team by knowing their names, being their friend, keeping them in the loop, getting things into them in a timely manner and building them up.