Monday, September 29, 2008

think twice

Finally! You've been saving for a laptop of your own now for months; today is the day that everything is going to become a reality. No more going to the library or bumming the family computer off Mom and Dad. You, with your own hard earned cash, are stepping into an investment of the grandest sort- technology. Before you get too carried away, have you given any thought to that extended warranty? With a high dollar item such as this, you may want to think twice.

Within these last few days, I have come to know how important such an investment is. This knowledge came to me as I first sat down to fulfill this very blog assignment and work on the final of our Op Ed, now due within a few short hours. My attempt was drastically cut short. Suddenly the color of my screen sucked itself into its center and popped away. Panic gradually grew as attempts to simply press the start button could not weild any life within my machine. The battery was removed, blown on, prayed for... still to no avail.

After a trip to a computer guru friend and an hour phone call with the help line, I began to see the grace in having my computer fail now, while still under its warranty. Had I not paid for the additional service, I would completely out of a computer and all of my technology stored within.

Though I'm going to be inconvieneced for about two weeks, it's much better than the alternative. To further arm yourself after your warranty expires, I highly suggest investing in an external hard drive. I now I have to deal with possibly loosing two years worth of papers, pictures, music, schedules and programs. GAH! At least I'm learning in my youth. Let my problem be a lesson to you- technology will eventually fail you; prepare against it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

people and the brain

This is coming just a bit later at night-- slipped my mind for a bit. In our last class we talked about the brain and how it influences us as people. Along with a link to our Humanities class in discussing the Sophic and Mantic individual, we discussed testimonies and how we can know that truth is before us by recognizing the witness of the Holy Ghost.

I paid attention to this in my other classes this last week to see if I would really know when truth was before me. My Book of Mormon class had many faith strengthening moments.. something I usually expect from doctrine study. What I really came to know this last week with the Holy Ghost's witness is the importance of my Physical Science course. While it's just a basic GE, I know that the things I am learning in it now will help me in the Eternities as I create my own Worlds.

Kahi was hit by a car just the day before class last week and is an incredible trooper. He made the trek on his crutches to each of his classes. I know first hand being hit by a car is not the greatest feeling in the world, especially when all the soreness sets in the following day. Everyone's doing a great job of helping him out. I should see if I can visit him tomorrow. That'd be a good plan.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

superiority complex

A childhood in Galt, California. True happiness in Draper, Utah. I'm not pulling your leg or being sarcastic in any way, shape or form of the word. Although I make up part of the 31% of BYU Utahans, I haven't spent my entire existence within its boundaries. The move to Utah came the summer before 6th grade and was honestly a pretty devastating thing. I went from top dog, super smarty-pants to an isolated child.

My life didn't stay this way forever- obviously, I'm just not that type of person. Draper really is the best place to live because of the type of people you're able to meet, the standards they and the community hold, and the sheer amount of activities it offers within a five minute area.

Draper began to have an appeal for me once I began to meet the lifelong friends I still have to this day. The biggest thing about the move to Utah, besides leaving my Father, was leaving the Church. Once we moved out here we became inactive. I was young and didn't understand the monumentality of that decision. Friends I made at school and in my neighborhood really are responsible for bringing me back and helping me to become the person I am today.

While I knew EVERYBODY back in my elementary school, not necessarily everyone held the same standards that I did. By living in the area that I did, I was able to meet those that really strived to do their best and live life as the Savior did. I know all of my neighbors and can rely on them for anything. My ward is incredible. They love me, and my family, as individuals and only wish to serve. I was able to seek out the best friends and look to those that need to be emulated as examples in my own life.

Plus, life in Draper pretty much means you can do anything within a few minutes. There is an arena, field, court, pool, and store for every sport imaginable. We have mountains for your winter sports, a short drive offering lakes and rivers, and hundreds of restaurants and stores. Boredom isn't something that comes easily.

I have loved my life in Draper and will eternally sing praises to its name. I now know that my family's move to the area was an inspired thing to help me meet those that would allow me to perfect myself and return to the Light. While others may try to sway you, I know the truth. Draper is where true happiness resides.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

hula happenins

On this assignment I'll admit I procrastinated. Reading President Eyring's talk really inspired me and learning a hula to go with it only made me think of my art history teacher from last year. While I'm obnoxiously outgoing, I didn't quite want to look the part of a fool in front of my peers.. really my dancing skills are nill.

But it must be completed! I had taped it- I adore my camera but that's a whole other story- and decided to review it a couple of times before venturing out tonight. Once I had it pretty good I set out to my victims... err, anxious pupils.

I decided to go to Maser Hall- with three long time guy friends from middle school not in FA, they wouldn't let me down :) Will West wast first and only too happy to swivel his hips just a bit too much and help me out. Thanks Will. Then a quick jaunt across the basement took me to Mike and Tanner. At first they were very skeptical of my motives and made me perform like the uncoordinated fool I am. Upon being reassured it was for a homework assignment they stood and allowed themselves to be molded. Muah ha ha ha! Hopefully they have it down pat. Special thanks goes out to Will's unsuspecting roommate Matt Randall and dear Jenn Wright for just being in a wrong place wrong time situation and learning as well.

I still need to meet with an advisement center to meet my goal-- I'll attempt to schedule that tomorrow. I'm also working on uploading the video I taped in class. It's really high quality though and Facebook isn't quite sophisticated to handle its awesome at this time.

And if I have time in the near future, I'll find and post the link to Eyring's talk and our/my notes on it. Maybe favorite quotes? We'll see.

Monday, September 15, 2008

downside- whatevs!

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to attend Brigham Young University. I love the professors, making my own food and hanging out with whoever-whenever. I’m sorta known as the partier among my roommates. This could be perhaps because I’m out all night playing games instead of really getting my work done. There’ve been a couple of times where I’ve been in a guy’s dorm past curfew but that doesn’t really matter- the Honor Code isn’t really even enforced so I can pretty much do what I want.
I was talking to this Junior kid last week and he was telling me all the ways to get around the “law.” Psch. It’s so easy. I don’t really like my roommates eating my applesause so I’ve been contemplating buying a mini fridge and putting it in my closet. The RAs and HAs don’t check there so you can stash whatever you want. I brought all my candles down too- I just can’t live without my sweet vanilla sugar burning all the time.
Plus, down here there’s like no dress code! I can totally bring out my mini skirt and just wear my cute leggings I bought over the summer- presto! Modest outfit!
I was in lab last week for my Physical Science class and it’s so easy to just copy the group work down. No stress! We were supposed to ride up and down this elevator like dorks and measure the difference in “contact force.” I hate science. No time for that in my life! So I just got one of the other girl’s papers and took down her notes. Turned it in and nobody’s the wiser.
Seriously guys. Signing the Honor Code paper doesn’t really do anything to you. We’re kids! Live up your life!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

establishing a blog for all the classes

This blog now encompasses both my personal life and experiences, as well as assignments for my English 150 class and my University 101. I could have made up separate web addresses for each of these, but I'm in a mood to conserve and retain that which I have no need to use. I don't need to create 20 different web addresses for myself and remember each of their passwords so this is how it's going to be.

To negotiate the differences, all my English assignments will have the tag "ENG 150 H" or something close to that, and all my Freshman Seminar blogs will have the tag "UNIV 101." It'll all make sense. No worries. You're smart.

Since there is no real direction to the Univ 101 assignments yet other than to record experiences, I'll just write that I'm loving the course. It's really making me think about my major and my life. I am so grateful to Aunt Cheryl and all that she taught me last year. I'm pretty much obsessed with Art History, I adore music, reading, poetry... any aesthetic experiences really. I love that we can discuss gospel in the middle of the class. My testimony grows with each day I have down here.

That'll be all for now I suppose. Once I have a prompt, there'll be more direction.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

downside of the Y

Attitude is everything. I cannot even begin to express how honored I feel about being able to attend this university. All throughout high school I was known as the happy outgoing girl that would be anyone's friend through thick and thin. While I met those that didn't exactly hold the same values that I did, I had hoped that those I would encounter at the Y would all be of the same high character that I so respect. Unfortunately I have found that this isn't the case. The most disturbing thing I have encountered so far are the individuals that choose not to follow the Honor Code.

Those that ignore the Honor Code really don't strike me as people I want to associate with. I understand that by following the rules, I gain more personal freedom. The Honor Code was at the top of the list on reasons why I wanted to attend BYU. I don't want to know the loop holes. I'm striving to stay as far away from the grey area as possible.