Friday, November 21, 2008

our first meeting

We were able to gather as a group on Tuesday and figured out what we need to get done. If felt so good to be done with things ahead of time. I love having a topic to really focus and point my studies to in this class now. Our topic is help others and our scholar is President Hinckley. Everyone is pulling their part and stepping up to the plate. I really do think we're going to be able to do something great.
Our service project is going to consist of indexing and going to the temple to do baptisms. Just today I gave blood and wonder if I can count that hour long process. I'll talk it over. Today really didn't feel like a Thursday. Sad. They're my favorite day of the week.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

intro attempts

Okay, for this week's blog post, I would like you to write an opening paragraph for your paper, but try it in at least two of the different styles we talked about in class. So there should be some different versions of your intro. Good Luck. Have fun!

Facebook is a social networking website that connects people to friends from all points of their life. While this movement has continued to expand, the world has seemingly been shrinking. While individuals seem to believe they're forming worthwhile relationships, really they are investing their time in just a few individuals. This second "facebook life"in fact decreases the number of people that a person can meet, limits conversational skills and makes people react in ways the wouldn't necessarily face to face.

The social networking site has worked its way to becoming a staple in the lives of younger generations. Users can spend hours on the site adding friends, uploading photos and videos, commenting, and reading a thread of their friend's latest happenings. This site has become quite intertwined with the lives of the younger generation. For some it has spread to an addiction where the user must visit the site multiple times a day. It is morphing the human experience and decreases the number of people a person can meet, hinders conversational skills and makes people act in ways online that they wouldn't necessarily face to face.

Friday, November 14, 2008

the preparation begins

We met with our groups and have begun the planning process. Our topic is Help Others, something I feel that we can do very well with. Our disciple scholar at the moment is Gordan B. Hinckley, however, I think this may need to change and become something a bit more creative. While I love President Hinckley and acknowledge all that he has done for people the world over, we should instead highlight an individual that doesn't usually receive much attention. Who is this individual you may ask? I'm still mulling it over so check back in in a few. Shannon, Amy, Mike and Graham will be excellent group members and together we'll all really be able to accomplish something amazing.

Monday, November 10, 2008

good- better- best

Topic: Dinosaurs

Highly Credible:
As this is a source coming from a trusted university, the items being discussed on this page can be deemed truthful.

Moderately Credible:
While this site is titled "dinosaur facts" it does not list a source for its information. The site author can pretty much post anything they want.

Little/No Credibility:
This site is completely satire. The facts have been twisted and aren't entirely true.

Friday, November 7, 2008


College life is busy! Tonight was our Night of Asthetic Beauty. While it was planned to last for two hours, it ended up going from 7 till 10. And while technically it was for Humanities, I left the night feeling Spiritually strengthened and wishing to increase my own talents.

We also just received the email for our group assignments for our final. My topic actually sounds like something I'd enjoy sharing; my group doesn't seem half bad either.

I still really do need to sit down and write out my goals. GAH! And I want to write in my journal. Good, better, best, never let it rest till the good is better and the better is best. A life lesson to learn from.

This is a really scatter brained-y one. My apologies.