Monday, September 20, 2010

Divine Centered Leadership

I volunteer with BYUSA because I believe in the vision and mission. I am motivated by my love for my fellow students and by my belief that together, as students, we can create a "Zion community."

Theodore Roosevelt gives credit in life to those who are “In the Arena.” To me, being in the arena means being the one that is making the effort to be involved. I plan to be in the arena this year by giving my best during my service within BYUSA. I serve with BYUSA because I see the good that it does for the students at BYU. In my life, I know that I will remain in the arena by staying involved in my community in my church service, in my towns, and in my home.

Divine-centered leaders need to know each heart. I know that I've really appreciated the time that leaders have taken to know me. I'm very grateful to Lauren Lytle and Chad Johnson; when I began my experience at BYUSA they were the ones that welcomed me and wanted to be a real friend.


Christy said...

What specifically do you admire about Chad and Lauren? How can you take what you learned from them and implement it into your own service?

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