Monday, February 7, 2011

Judge Griffith

Judge Griffith spoke about his career and how he had moved around to different opportunities seeking to find his passion. Please describe what you feel you are passionate about today and where you think these interests will take you as you start your career path.

I am very passionate about public relations. I'll find out if I was accepted in about ten days and from there I'll be able to see what kind of path I'm going to be on in that field. I love networking and being in the know. I can see these skills carrying over as I continue in the emphasis.

Judge Griffith quoted several versus in Jacob 2, in reference to the pursuit and use of wealth. How will you apply the concepts that Jacob shares with us as you experience success in your career.

As I experience success in my career I plan to continue to pay a full tithe to the Church. I would also like to give back to BYU in gratitude for all the opportunities it has afforded me. I can do this by donating to the Annual Fund, or by creating an endowment.

I also know that I would like to play a leading role in my community. When my children are school aged, I plan to be an active member in PTSA and possibly in our local government. If I can see a place where my influence would be a benefit, and it won't interfere with my other responsibilities, I would like to lend a helping hand.

Please share something you learned about leadership in your career from Judge Griffith’s presentation.

I learned that leadership in my future career is going to inevitably come my way. Though my future is slightly uncertain, I can accept where it will lead me and embrace the opportunities and experiences that will come my way. I also know that I want to work on gaining a greater knowledge of both the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the theological positions of other faiths to be able to converse on a variety of topics intelligently.

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